Rental management

We make every effort to ensure the sustainability of your rental income.

  • rent at the most fair price
  • rigorous and thorough study of nominations
  • availability and responsiveness as needed

List of services for rental management:

At the beginning of the lease:

  • Definition of the rent amount with the landlord
  • Lease agreement
  • Encashment of the security deposit
  • State of the scene

Under lease:

  • Collection and recovery of rents and provisions for charges,
  • Settlement for your account of expenses and other expenses incumbent on you,
  • Establishment of a monthly stewardship account,
  • Monthly transfer of funds held for your account,
  • Management of maintenance and work at the expense of the owner,
  • Monitoring of maintenance and work at the expense of tenants,
  • Direct management of possible conflicts,
  • Management of unpaid payments with the start of legal proceedings,


  • Annual revision of the rent and adjustment of provisions for charges, as well as the follow-up of their regularisations,
  • Annual audit of the existence of home insurance subscribed by tenants,
  • Annual verification, if any, of the existence of a boiler maintenance contract,
  • Edition of an annual statement of assistance to the tax return of land income,

At the end of the lease:

  • Minimisation of the waiting times between two tenants starting the rental procedure upon receipt of the notice of departure of the current occupants,
  • Insurance of the introduction of advertisements on the Internet and to rent your property as soon as possible without any additional costs,
  • Drafting of the State of the places of exit,
  • Follow-up of the recondition by the tenant, if any,
  • Follow-up of the work at the owner's expense, if any,
  • Preparation of the recondition invoices at the expense of the outgoing tenant,
  • Restitution of the security deposit within the legal period, if possible after receipt of the deposit of the new tenant